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How Art You

Emotions conveyed through images, where language fails and words are inadequate . “How Art You ” demonstrates that the expression of emotions by use of the spoken word is often limited. Language , in synergy with elements of visual communication constitute a strong emotional expressive medium. The animation is based on several thousand drawings which were made by classic drawing using pen on paper. This short is selected at several filmfestivals around the world.

Blue Blood

Animation made for ‘Onmens’ new album ‘Doopgrond’. A mix of classic animation and After Effects is used for a optimal tripping effect. Click here for the release reviews.

Elvis & Benny

Elvis and Benny are two best friends having wacky adventures in a fantasy world full of crazy creatures. Both are madly in love with the stunningly beautiful Seahorse-mermaid Toucane. They play safely above the ground in their lighthouse, but danger is constantly around as the giant blue rabbit lobster monster Sandy wants to eat them. Guardian yellow rubber duck-angel and shapeshifter Babette comes to the rescue when in peril. She’s like a real mother to Elvis & Benny. Every episode tells a new adventure and at the end of every story, problems are solved and bad actions always receive some form of retribution.
Production: Haptic
Assistant animation: Kimberly Berckmoes

Lip Sync

A raw animation testing for lip synchronisation.
Made with classic animation, pen on paper.

Don Juan

A bird falls in love, but the outcome is quite unexpected.

Classic animation, pen on paper.

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